The Council of Immigrant Associations in Israel

The Council’s Board of Directors during an ordinary meeting
The Council’s Chairman, Mario Lev (right) with Eli Cohen, Director of the Aliyah Department of the Jewish Agency (Israel).


About us

The Council of Immigrant Associations is a registered charity that consolidates, represents and coordinates the activities of the 22 immigrant organisations that provide a wide range of vital services to many thousands of new immigrants from 65 different countries from the moment of their arrival in Israel until their successful absorption into Israeli society.


Most of the work of organisations affiliated to the Council, is conducted through about 18,000 volunteers, most of whom are veteran immigrants, spread over184 service bureaus around the country who are assisted by an experienced, mission-inspired team of some 40 professional coordinators.


The immigrant associations are, for new immigrants, a form of first aid station in which they are offered a sympathetic ear to their problems and where they can receive advice in their own language, direction and support in their first steps in Israel.


The approx. 3 million immigrants who have come to Israel and who have integrated themselves into Israeli society since the founding of the state, offer tangible proof of the vitally important role that is played by the immigrant associations as an important and crucial element in the process of their swift and successful absorption, in parallel with the treatment they receive from the state authorities and the Jewish Agency.


In addition to coordinating the current activities of the immigrant associations, one of the main objectives of the Council, since its founding at the beginning of the 1980s, is to serve as an active lobby in promoting and maintaining immigrants’ rights before all of the authorities involved in the process of their absorption, welfare and integration into Israeli society.